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A Note From Jankee:

“I moved to Colorado with the vision of starting a practice to help the underserved population, patients that need frequent dental cleanings and is community oriented. I have always had passion for dentistry and education. I strive to make this an affordable, loving, and caring atmosphere for my team and our patients.

During my 16 years of experience working in the dental field, I have heard multiple times how much people hate going to the dentist. My goal is create a clinic where we turn patients’ frowns upside down, not the other way around and make it an environment that patients don’t fear going to.

I have created a team of hygienists and dentists that I trust and believe in our mission statement. Kristen Kirkland and I graduated dental hygiene school together and were co-presidents for the Student Dental Hygiene Association. Megan Merritt and I worked together in a private practice for a year here in Colorado. We share similar ideas and philosophies in both our professional and personal lives.

Dr. Redford is my current employer at University Dental Arts, where we serve patients in the heart of downtown Denver. He believes in our vision and will be our local dentist for patients that need restorative treatment. Dr. Freeman and I worked together in Arizona for 7 year and has been one of my most inspirational mentors. Come visit us and see how we can touch your life and bring a smile to your face. Help us fulfill our mission of Open Minds, Mouths, and Hearts through Education, and a Healing Touch.”

-Jankee H. Bhatt, RDH, B.S.

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