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Welcome to the Dental Hygiene Wellness Clinic

Your Fresh Breath Experts!

Do you need your teeth cleaned? Education regarding your oral hygiene needs? Are you a pediatric, diabetic, pregnant, periodontal, orthodontic, tobacco/marijuana smoker, undergoing cancer treatment, special needs, senior or just want your teeth whitened? If you fall into one of these categories of patients, you need more frequent visits to get your teeth cleaned and special attention. Call us so we can take care of you!

Dental Hygiene Wellness Clinic is currently accepting new patients, walk-ins and dentist referrals. We accept most major form of dental insurance, and happily work with patients without insurance. We offer a wide variety of dental care services, including quality preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and teeth cleaning Denver patients deserve.

To schedule your next appointment, call (720) 456-9050 and experience for yourself how at the Dental Hygiene Wellness Clinic we are Opening Minds, Mouths, and Hearts Through Education, Love and a Healing Touch.


A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy Body!